"As the creator and developer of , I saw the genius behind
some years ago. I believe that Quizlet is the most effective and stimulating online resource and "App" for promoting vocabulary acquisition and learning available today. I have authored well over 400 sets of vocabulary, phrases and verbs, embedding them into the español eXtra site as a core resource. Quizlet enables learners to take control of their own learning and allows teachers to monitor progress of their students. The Quizlet online resources and App provide learners with the tools needed to succeed and become effective independent learners and teachers with the powerful teaching aids to power-up the learning process. As a Microsoft Certified Innovative Educator, and now a Quizlet Teacher Ambassador, I cannot recommend Quizlet highly enough to all learners and teachers of ANY subject area."

(Steve Page, creator and developer of )

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I am a teacher - what can Quizlet do for me?

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Teachers can keep students engaged and motivated with Quizlet. You can create your own classroom sets, share them with other teachers, allow students to copy and edit their own sets, play Quizlet Live in an exciting classroom-based team game and give students the tools they need to help them learn in a more fun and efficient way.

If you use Google Classroom to set learning assignments and homework tasks, you can easily link to your Quizlet sets by setting them as "Assignments". (see below)

I am a student - what can Quizlet do for me?

Quizlet is the best way to learn vocabulary, verbs and phrases. With multiple study modes, audio flashcards, user-generated quizzes and tests as well as interactive games, Quizlet gives the learner the powerful tools to make rapid and sustained progress in learning.

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Where can I get the Quizlet app? What can it do for me?

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Make sure you take a look at Quizlet Diagrams - the next level of motivational learning via visual cues!

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Make sure you check out the QUIZLET LEARN feature! This is the latest addition to the Quizlet suite of resources.

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For tests and exams, it takes the guesswork out of studying by creating a study plan and then guiding you through what and when to practice.

See how you're improving, get gentle reminders to study, and make progress with short, actionable study sessions.

Quizlet Learn is powered by Quizlet's new Learning Assistant Platform, which uses data from millions of anonymous study sessions and then combines it with proven ideas from cognitive science.

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